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The Verdict Podcast Clip Ep. 4: Orgasms

Each and every Tuesday at 7:15pm, The Judge will be live, loud and in color streaming on Podcastic2 and Streamcastic, and all streaming services for her new podcast "The Verdict". Each week expected exciting, controversial and spicy topics that you can chime in on. Learn new tips and tools that can enhance your life as person, professional, parent, and entrepreneurial. All viewers are welcomed to call in to share your comments, experience and advice using this number 248-854-9850. Use the link below to tune in live on Podcastic 2. I truly hope you enjoy the content and look forward to your views👩🏾‍⚖️🎥🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎤🎤🎤🎥🎥🎥🎥Tell a friend to tell a friend 🎙️👩🏾‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️👩🏾‍⚖️🎙️👩🏾‍⚖️

Remember when The Judge is in the Verdict is OUT ‼️👩🏾‍⚖️

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