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Are You Ready for the NEW YEAR?

January 1st, 2022 is right around the corner and our GGF dance fitness class starts January 3rd from 7-8pm at the Bam Studio (19954 Livernois). We have soo much in store for you. New merch, new music, and new dances. We are soo excite to celebrate health and fitness with a party. Right now, start to train your mind!!!!!!!! Begin practices good fitness and health habits. Slow down on your portions, incorporate exercising in your schedule, decrease your alcohol intake, make room in your schedule for fitness, purchase some new workout gear, drink more water. Start it all now and bring those good habits into the new year. Don't wait!!! 2022 is the biggest year of your life and it is time to make yourself a PRIORITY!! No more excuses, no more waiting, no more procrastinating. Girls Gone Fit LLC with Porsche Miles Grant is here for you to help you dance the weight off and torch calories. Our classes are set up to be fun so that our members forget that they are actually working out. Therefore, we set themes every week and make sure to add the best musical playlist to ease your fitness pains. We can't wait to see you!!

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